Leviathan and Wizard wanted to start a Doom-metalband in 2007, but the outcome was not more than a name and a few songconcepts.

In the summer of 2010 they decided to start a band with some local musicians as a supportband for one gig of the local death/thrash outfit Nebukadnezar at the annual Headbangers Kasendorf Clubparty. Cosmic Wasteland was born and crushingly performed some Doom-Coversongs that night under a funereal moon.

After that gig, two of the musicians left the band. Leviathan switched from bass to leadguitar
and Becker became the new rythmguitar player.
So Leviathan and Wizard needed a new bass player and a drummer.

They found them in local metal legend "Butcher" on bass and in "Boss" a machine on the battery.

In december 2010 Cosmic Wasteland recorded their first demotape.

After listening to this tape "Chris" from Hellish Crossfire joined the band as a third guitar player.
Now they were complete.

In this lineup the band recorded the Demo CD "On Wings Of Lucifer"

And now they are here, ride the winds of doom and play the soundtrack for the upcumming apocalypse!!!

DOOM ON!!!!!
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